ICP Group

Investing in the future

From cutting-edge technology to sustainable development​

We are combining the network, knowledge, assets, ressourses and ambitions of the founders and materializes as a strong alternative to more well-known investment companies.

ICP Group

Fueling innovation and driving success, one investment at a time

ICP Group ApS is a private equity venture capital firm making investments in technology-based start-ups originating from Danish Universities

Screening / Prephase

  • Scouting for unique technologies from Danish Universities AND high fuel entrepreneurs. 
  • Interested in diversified portfolio with technologies in advanced materials, food/feed.
  • Greentech, resource and energy-efficiency, blue economy, bio electronics etc.
  • Always high-performance/high octane, top-qualified founders.
  • Focus on uniqueness and protection of IP, but not necessarily registration of IP.
  • New business to be detached from, but connected to the University.


  • Preseed capital (DKK1-3m – PoC)
  • Lead for capital plan for seed round (DKK5-20m – PoB) , round A and round B (DKK30-50m – PoS)
  • Investigation of soft funding options
  • Ensure FtO report and IP strategy
  • Access to laboratories if relevant
  • Active hands-on co-ownership
  • Relevant business services


  • Maximum 1 month
  • 4-5 pre-screening sessions
  • ICP Group uses the pre-screening sessions to assess the team, validate critical assumptions, identify dependencies and risks, map competing technologies/competitors, review the business plan and budgets, determine exact technology and market status, identify additional (soft) funding options etc.
  • Align observations and understandings with Cap Table

Company Portfolio

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Danish Graphene celebrating 4 years anniversary

Today marks a significant milestone for Danish Graphene ApS as they celebrate their 4th anniversary! Since their inception, they have worked to revolutionize the graphene industry with innovative...

Danish Graphene on Houston tour

Danish Graphene ApS are currently in Houston to establish new connections and reconnect with others in the space industry. They have been engaging in many insightful conversations about the potential...

Danish Graphene returns to Houston

Following the success of last year’s Danish Delegation Visit, Danish Graphene ApS is once again gearing up for an exciting journey to Houston. This time, the focus remains steadfast on...

DanMagi attending IHTF 2024 in Barcelona

DanMagi has expressed their enthusiasm for the recent International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) 2024, held in the city of Barcelona. Throughout the event, DanMagi had the opportunity to attend the...

Watt & Well approves Danish Graphene’s GET AE in Rigorous Testing!

🌟Watt & Well approves Danish Graphene’s GET AE in Rigorous Testing! 🔧 Summary: Danish Graphene’s GET AE (100µm layer) outperforms traditional thermal pads, showcasing improved thermal...

New CCO at ICP Group

New CCO at ICP Group We are pleased to welcome Frank Svarre to ICP Group ApS as our new Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) as of January 1, 2024! Frank brings an impressive background and expertise in...