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Appyway started out as AppyParking. An app made to solve the frustration of finding a parking space.
By showing drivers what parking was available where, we did our bit to ease the four days a year we each spend, on average, hunting out spaces. And this was when things got really, really interesting.

The search for data
To build this app, we needed quality, standardised data. Except that didn’t exist. So, we rolled up our sleeves and made it ourselves. Digitising old plan drawings. Manually mapping out parking zones. Pestering councils for their records. Before long, we were the proud curators of London’s largest digital parking database.

The big idea
All this data got us thinking. What if we could digitise parking spaces? And not just spaces – but all of the UK’s kerbs? What opportunities would that unlock? How could a digitised, dynamic kerb not only meet the ever-growing demands of urban transport today – but shape that of tomorrow? From that lightbulb moment onwards, we were hooked.

Unashamedly kerb obsessed
The more we investigated, the more potential we uncovered. Today, we offer the most digitally advanced platform of accurate, standardised data, APIs and tools for smart kerbside management in the world. We help Local Authorities and businesses all over the country unlock the power of their kerbs, to the benefit of residents, drivers, high streets and councils.