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NEXA3D is a Danish 3D-Printing poineer with a global reach

We are on a mission to create the world’s #1 hardware launchpad. With Freeform Injection Molding, we enable developers to move from concept to commercialization at the speed of 3D-printing, and with the versatility and scalability from injection molding.

Freeform Injection Molding is the merging of two platforms that used to be apart. 3D-printing was the prototyper’s choice, offering low costs, short leadtimes and freedom to design. Injection molding was the choice of the producer, with superior scalability and versatility as the core values.

At NEXA3D we believe that manufacturers should have the best from both worlds. To deliver, we have built a new class of printers – optimized for precision, speed and repeatability. And we have developed a new class of printed tool resins to transform the world of low-volume injection molding. For the first time ever, injection molders get the tools to do batches of one, prototypes and spareparts on their injection molding presses. With the low costs, short lead-times and design freedoms known from 3D-printing. And without having to compromise on the selection of materials they have at their disposal. From the softest rubbers to the hardest metals. All on one platform, all at once.

Our Mission is to enable the qualities of injection molding for low volume production.

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