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TESTCARD: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI Test) – Urine Self-test Kit

If you’re showing symptoms of a UTI, our UTI Test Kit can help you to understand what’s happening so you can get access to treatment quickly.TestCard was born after a chat at the school gates. Our founders, Dr Andrew and Luke were talking about tests and how people delay seeking medical help. Plucking up the courage to see a doctor can be difficult! They saw a problem with the way people access tests. It’s a resource hungry process, and for many people globally, tests can be hard to get.

They combined their skills to develop TestCard. Making a very complex process really clear, simple and most importantly, accessible.

TestCard is a simple pouch holding a set of test strips.
Coupled with a smartphone app, it provides immediate, medical grade test results from the comfort of your own home

Accessible to all
The low-cost testing kit is available online & on the high street

Results are delivered immediately and can be shared with your healthcare professional

Uses the power of your smartphone to provide accurate results