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Developer of a highly scalable atomic layer advanced manufacturing platform for micro and nano electronics.

ATLANT3D is a Danish developer of a proprietary on-demand atomic layer advanced manufacturing (ALAM) platform technology, based on Hybrid Microreactor Selective Area Direct Atomic Processing (µSADALP) technology for applications in the semiconductor, microelectronics, optics and photonics, printed electronics and functional coatings for biomedical, pharma, automotive, consumer and communication, computing energy, display and aerospace industries. ATLANT3D is a spinout company from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and was founded in 2018 by the founders Dr Maksym Plakhotnyuk, Prof Dr Julien Bachmann, and Ivan Kundrata.

The Company’s objective is to revolutionise electronics and lead the future of atomic layer advanced material innovation and prototyping/ manufacturing of micro- and nanoelectronics through the introduction of network centric innovation infrastructure for hybrid (additive/subtractive) processes at the atomic scale and low-cost manufacturing solutions for high-tech industries utilising its patent-pending µSADALP technology.


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