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private equity venture capital firm making investments in technology-based start-ups originating from Danish Universities​

LEAN Onboarding

An essential, and exceptional step is the pre-screening sessions. It has a duration of about a month and consists of 4-5 sessions, where the founders and we as investors mutually assess one another. 

The legal frame of the pre-screening sessions is that both parties at any time – and without any obligations or commitment – can leave the sessions and nothing in the sessions constitute nor should it be construed to constitute an offer to enter an investment agreement. However, as long as the sessions continues and are in process, each party will exclusively consider and discuss an investment agreement with the other party. 

ICP uses the pre-screening sessions to e.g., assess the team, validate critical assumptions, identify dependencies and risks, map competing technologies/competitors, review the business plan and budgets, determine exact technology and market status, identify additional (soft) funding options.

Our proces

Identification of potential portfolio companies

Pre-screening sessions (NDA)

Onboarding due diligence and pre-commitment activities (Term Sheet)

Negotiations with founders

Investment (Investment and Shareholder´s Agreement)

Follow up investments


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