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ICP Group ApS is a private equity venture capital firm making investments in technology-based start-ups originating from Danish Universities

ICP Principles for Investing


  • Scouting for unique technologies from Danish Universities AND high fuel entrepreneurs. 
  • Interested in diversified portfolio with technologies in advanced materials, food/feed.
  • Greentech, resource and energy-efficiency, blue economy, bio electronics etc.
  • Always high-performance/high octane, top-qualified founders.
  • Focus on uniqueness and protection of IP, but not necessarily registration of IP.
  • New business to be detached from, but connected to the University.


  • Preseed capital (DKK1-3m – PoC)
  • Lead for capital plan for seed round (DKK5-20m – PoB) , round A and round B (DKK30-50m – PoS)
  • Investigation of soft funding options
  • Ensure FtO report and IP strategy
  • Access to laboratories if relevant
  • Active hands-on co-ownership
  • Relevant business services


  • Maximum 1 month
  • 4-5 pre-screening sessions
  • ICP Group uses the pre-screening sessions to assess the team, validate critical assumptions, identify dependencies and risks, map competing technologies/competitors, review the business plan and budgets, determine exact technology and market status, identify additional (soft) funding options etc.
  • Align observations and understandings with Cap Table

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