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Danish Graphene

Danish Graphene is a company producing and supplying graphene materials for industrial composites to enhance the strength, abrasion resistance and conductivity.

Danish Graphene is built on basic research from the Department of Chemistry at Aarhus University where the development and research in various types of graphene has been running for several years. Danish Graphene is a production company and supplier of graphene for industrial applications. Currently, the company is focusing on development while applications of the graphene are being tested. Danish Graphene is unique in our production process where the graphene is functionalised during the manufacture. This functionalisation facilitates much better interaction between the graphene and other materials and results in better transfer of the graphene properties to a composite. This functionalised graphene is also easier to mix in a composite making it easier to implement in an existing product range.

We have experience with mixing graphene with polyurethanes and epoxies and are continually expanding our portfolio of material combinations.

Danish Graphene

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