IHTF 2024

DanMagi has expressed their enthusiasm for the recent International Hotel Technology Forum (IHTF) 2024, held in the city of Barcelona. Throughout the event, DanMagi had the opportunity to attend the panel discussion.

With a focus on enhancing guest experiences through advanced technology, DanMagi’s participation at IHTF 2024 was an exceptional opportunity to network and exchange insights with like-minded professionals. As a company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to the hotel industry, DanMagi expresses gratitude to the organizers and attendees for the enriching and inspiring event.

"It was a pleasure to participate in IHTF 2024 in Barcelona. We are grateful for the opportunity it provided us to share our vision and ideas with some of the biggest hotel groups in the world"
Frank Svarre
Sales Director

With the success of IHTF 2024 in mind, DanMagi is excited to continue their efforts in driving innovation and renewal in the hotel industry, ensuring even better experiences for hotel guests worldwide.